Procedure of applying

The procedure of start using



You can preview institution of our office after we receive the preferred day and time.

Besides our concierge guide the institution, so please feel free to ask them if you have a question. The schedule of preview is from 8:30 to 20:00.

We give you the necessities to apply in preview.



You can apply for moving by application for BA rental office or website.
Download the application from here

■Necessities for personal contract ■Necessities for corporate contract
1.Application 1.Application
2.Photocopy of official identification
※Official identification means Driver’s license, passport or insurance certificate.
2.registration certificate
※registration certificate or certificate of the registered matters, a residential registration certificate and a seal certificate must be issued within 3 months.
  3.Photocopy of official identification of CEO


We start examining after we confirm the application and necessities.

It takes at least 1 business day to tell the result of examination.
Please understand the case that we confirm your application to examine smoothly by calling.

※The payment is processed by “Ryubo saison card”. Therfore it is necessary to apply for “Ryuno sasion card” to move into our office.(It is possible to apply for “Ryubo saison” at the same time when you apply for shared rented office.)



Please prepare the material below by moving after passing the examination.

■Personal contract ■Corporate contract
1.Contract 1.Contract
2.Resident Card 2.Registration certificate or certificate of the registered matters
3.seal certificate 3.seal certificate
  4.Photocopy of official identification of the representative

※In case of virtual office we send a registered mail to the address of applicant for location confirmation. (CEO and the representative are included in case of corporate contract.)


Start using

Deposit+Daily rate for first month+Monthly fee for next month
※Please pay for the cost 10 days before you would like to move into the office.