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Company profile

Company name VALTEC Communications Co.,Ltd.
CEO Akinori Suzuki
Established September 3,2012
History August 2005:Business Agent start the service of a temporary staff agency and a personal placement agency
September 2012:Business Agent Co., Ltd. is established(Capital:20000000)
November 2012:Business Agent Co., Ltd. execute Absorption-Type Split and succession of a business of a temporary staff agency and a personal placement agency.
        Business Agent Co., Ltd changed trade names to Business Agent Co.,Ltd
Capital 20000000
Location of head office 6-22-1 Nishi-shinjuku Shinjuku-ku Tokyo
Office 6-22-1 Nishi-shinjuku Shinjuku square tower 3F Shinjuku-ku Tokyo 163-1103
1-1-1 Kumoji Paretto Kumoji 9F Naha City Okinawa 900-0015
contents of business Management of Shared rented office
Contract-based Software Development
System integration
Outsourcing business
ICT device sales
Educational business
Management of corner store for office
General Worker Dispatching Undertakings/般13-305209
Fee-Charging Employment Placement Businesses/13-ユ-305683
Introduction on a engineer/dispatch of engineer
systems engineer・programmer
network operation management/server operation management/creating website
Introduction on a DTP designer and operator/dispatch of DTP designer and operator
DTP designer/DTP operator
Introduction on a office clerk/Dispatch of a office clerk
Office clerk/accountant/Secretary/Receptionist/Sales support assistant
Introduction on the person who speaks foreign language/Dispatch of the person who speaks foreign language
Interpreting/Translating/Bilingual office clerk/Shipping clerk/documentations clerk/Bilingual accountant
Introduction on a sales person/Dispatch of a sales person
Proxy marketing service(Provision of information,developing new market, route sales), Reception/Sales
Dispatch of call center
Outbound telemarketing (telemarketing operator/supervisor)