Your business succeed by fully using ICT

The strongest point of BA is not only office space but also making business more efficient, reducing the cost and providing ICT tools.

People who rented office can use application for business application “MOT/Phone” with their own smart phone
Besides “MOT/Cloud” is standardly equipped which makes it possible for them to use schedule management, customer management,facility reservation business card management and so on.

Feature and Function of “MOT/Phone”

Making smart phone extension

  • Smart phone is used as business phone
  • MOT/Phone can be used regardless of time and place
  • The charge for a call between members is free

You can use Android/iPhone as business phone,so it is not necessary to buy telephone for business. The application can be used with Wi-Fi/4G/3G network regardless of time and place. We provide not only free call between members who install this application into their smart phone but also various function like Hold, call forwarding and so on.

Free call transfer

  • Transferring a call is free
  • Display the number in case of transferring
  • MOT/Phone is linked with MOT/Cloud, so you can share the information with members.

In case of sole proprietor or SOHO, the owner is often outside of the office.Usually the owner set call forwarding when he is outside, then expenses is incurred.Installing MOT/Phone makes the charge for transferring free, so you can call without caring about the charge.You never miss the inportant call connected to business negotiation.

Call from out of the office by using office phone number

  • Call with smart phone by using office phone number
  • Choosing phone number in calling

It is possible to call from outside of the office with smart phone by using office phone number.Therefore it is possible to call without notifying clients private phone number. Besides it is also possible to choose the phone number which you use when you call someone.

Receive and send FAX

  • Display FAX on the screen
  • Send PDF file as FAX
  • Confirm FAX outside of the office

We couldn’t receive FAX without FAX machine, however we can receive and send FAX with smart phone from now on.Alert notification is sent in receiving FAX. Therefore it is possible to check FAX outside of the office and save it as PDF data. Sending FAX is also possible, so it is possible to send FAX outside of the office.

Feature and function of “MOT/Cloud”


  • Share business data with a group
  • Making ToDo list and action schedule
  • Reservation management of reception room and conference room

MOT/Cloud support business by sharing schedules and ToDo list of group members. Besides there are 3 features. 1. Sharing the data of business card which is fetched with the application and file data. 2. Sales support function which can record sales activity which is from registering potential customer to sales totaling. 3. It is possible to confirm and register reservation status of conference room and reception room.

The application of managing business card

  • The way of registering is only taking a picture of business card.
  • Sharing information between group is possible.
  • Automatically synchronizing with MOT/Cloud

Character information is read from the picture of business card,as a reslt of that business card is registered to smart phone. The information of business card is automatically changed to the data by high precision OCR and managed on MOT/Cloud. Therefore the data can be shared between members.Besides it is also possible to access the data of business card with PC or smart phone and download it as CSV.